Fancied a change

Having spent 2, fairly unsuccessful seasons at United – I decided to go for a different challenge. I did get an offer from United again to sign on for another season along with Spurs, Villareal, Ajax, Porto, Arsenal and Dundee (randomly!).

I went for Porto. They had a fairly decent squad (majority over 80) and had a bit of money to spend. Obviously, the first thing I did was to try and buy Welliton – Utd were having none of it. However, this allowed me to buy 3 new players instead. I bought Nilmar who is almost as good as Welliton – give him the ball anywhere around the area and he will score. I also needed a CDM and a RB. I went for Jack Rodwell who was 82 and Sagna from Arsenal who is 82/83.

Turns out there are only 16 teams in the league and half of them I have never even heard of so its a bit of a breeze to be honest. Despite this, I am still 1 point behind Benfica as they have lost only once to my 2 defeats. Champions League though was a bit tougher as you get used to playing against weaker sides. I got hammered 4-1 in my opening game against Celtic but then have managed to get results against Basle and Schalke so just ned to win my last game to qualify.

If you want a quick season, this is definately the league for you. Dont think I have played a domestic cup game yet (I’m at the end of November) and you dont really need a big squad as there are no midweek games apart from Europe.

I will probably move on again at the end of this season but it will get me XP if I win the league here so will hopefully get some good offers for next year.

Incidentally, after I left, United sold Rooney to Spurs for £46m and sold Modric to Roma I think.

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Fifa Fails

This stuff seems to mainly happen online

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Welcome to my Fifa Nights Blog

This blog is used for people to share their experiences about playing Fifa and also share names of players that are worth buying.

Please comment/share experiences about your current career etc.

If you are really brave, add a link to a video of your recent action!

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